R. Place des Vosges ("Serge")

2008 © Stine Gonsholt

C-print/embroidery 120 x 170 cm
2D animation/stereo - loops

Supported by Arts Council Norway, Billekunstnernes Vederlagsfondetand
and Statens diversestipend

Akershus ArtCenter, Lillestrøm, NO
"SOUS DES PONTS" (UNDER BRIDGES) is based on observations of localities where temporary homes pop up every night, just to disappear as suddenly. The downtown area of Paris is (still) hosed down regularly in order to erase traces of unwanted human presence.
The financial situation of Europe 2009; a historical underinvestment in housing stock, lack of building of affordable housing, a growing population and the fact that salaries did not rise at the same rate as rental prices, made the situation challenging for people of Paris and other larger cities of Europe. Having a job was no guarantee of security. People lived their lives in provisional homes on the streets, contrasting the modern city-life in general
During the onset of the financial crises in Europe 2009, over a periode of six months, Gonsholt followed a group of rough sleepers living on the streets of Paris. SOUS LES PONTS deals with question related to urban development, visual interventions and economy, in relation to global processes.

Installation view: Akershus Art Center, Norway 2009

R. St. Paul ("Claud")

Installation view: Akershus Art Center, Norway 2009

R. Beaubourg ("Marie")

Installation view: Akershus Art Center, Norway 2009

R. des Francs Bourgeouis ("Nicolas")