2020 © Stine Gonsholt

2D animation/HD video
35 min.
3 channel installation

A collaboration with Stein-Erik Lunde, Jon Kirkebø Rosslund, 
Reidar Vinje Stensvold and Olaf kampfjord

Commissioned by DKS - Vestfold and Telemark
"One night a boy and a girl leave home. The boy leaves from the mountains, the girl leaves from the end of the world by the sea. They don't know each other, but travel at the exact same time, not knowing where they are going, only that they know they have to go ."

SILVER MOON is a tale of belonging, friendship and cooperation, told in a contemporary adventure form, in an interplay, music, literature and visual art.
SILVER MOON : Extract from3 channel video installation​​​​​​​.