2016 © Stine Gonsholt
Spriten Publishing​​​​​​​

A compilation with 6 artist: Vibe Bredahl (DK), Julie Engaas (NO),
Phil Mulloy (UK), Motomichi Nakamura (JAP/USA), Cecilia Westerberg 
and Stine Gonsholt (NO)

’HERE BE DRAGONS is a phrase used as a synonym for the unknown. The sentence was first used in 1510 and refers to uncharted areas on the map where dragons, sea monsters and other creatures were drawn to express fear and dread for unknown danger.
In this context the title of the exhibition at Spriten Kunsthall is intended as a metaphor for the creative process which in the beginning always appears as a new land waiting to be occupied. When investigating a new area you are never sure what the project is hiding. Facts and imagination open new territories.
The exhibition is an exploration of different types of narration, mapping and information systemization. In former times the fear of the unknown was often synonymous with the unexplored. Therefore the imagination could run free. Today, fear is considerable.
What does the unknown look like in pictures. The unknown landscape inside of us as well as the outside. What are the dragons of our times? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​