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2024 © Stine Gonsholt
Voice by Anne Lise Sydnes

Commissioned Work: 
Kverndalen I nytt lys: Public Soundwalk 
Supported by KORO and Vestfold and Telemark County 

Kulturbyrået Mesén // Rom for kunst // Skien Municipality

During urban development in the 1970s, the river Lortebekk was placed in pipes, under construction debris and infrastructure. 
Until then, the stream played an important role for settlements, the establishment of industry and for all life found in the valley.
In the project, this river is used to investigate the connection of the local landscape to processes of change, how the status of the place changes and global connections emerge in such processes. Through geology, archeology and a potentially existing species diversity in the river, its history is told. The material it leaves behind on its journey through the landscape, in the past, present and future, is also our history.
Gonsholt investigate how these processes affect the site’s status and the relationship between material and immaterial qualities. The moving images and its soundscape leave the landscape as the protagonist.
FLUVIAL DEPOSITS (elveavsetning) is a sound walk through the district of Kverndalen in Skien. The project investigates from different angles the significance of a river course as an archive and how a place's status can change over time. Issues around how we understand the landscape and the times we live in are important to the project.
Work in progress.