Corridors: Book Cover

2014 © Stine Gonsholt

Artist Book
Spriten Publishing Company 2014
The project Corridors examine the topic of rural and urban transformation within an interdisciplinary, global context. Changes within local communities as a consequence of increased global mobility is a main point of interest. 
“A road can actually promote the accessibility of places, enabling interrelationships between separate processes. But improving accessibility can also deeply disrupt the local population in their relation with the outside world“ .
Over a year I documented the impact of newly developed  infrastructure, along "The Trans West-African Transport Corridor", a transport network which crosses West-Africa and connects urban and rural areas with the rest of the world. In the project I see the road as something greater than just a means of conveyance, but rather in its function as a social space for learning and sharing information, communication and interaction across the continents.​​​​​​​
"Corridors" was published as an artist book, in 2014. The project consists of works of different techniques like animation, photos and text works.

UNGLAUBLICH WEICH (2013): C-print 40 x 60 cm