2020 © Åse Løvgren and Stine Gonsholt 

HD video/stereo
6,40 min.

Award: The Relief Fund for Visual Artists, stipend 2020
"I hope you are well - thinking of you often and following every move!" is a quote from an e-mail published by Wikileaks from a facebook executive to Hillary Clinton ́s elections staff during her campaign to become president. Taking its cue from this less than subtle statement of surveillance and control, the video "Brutal Simplifers" muses upon the digital infrastructure of our everyday lives, and how social interaction and behaviours are infuenced by this.
In this short flm, the scenery of an old working-class neighbourhood in Norway, is used as an approach to refect on interconnectedness of spaces and deterritorialisation of late capitalism through a local lens.
Installation View: TKS-Telemark Art Center, Norway

Still from video